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Posted on 10/22/2019 in Category 1

The Cottage Stage - Foreplay To The Quick Sale

The Cottage Stage - Foreplay To The Quick Sale

In Canada, and throughout much of North America, a family cabin purchase is recognized as one of the most emotional asset acquisitions a person can make in a lifetime. The mere idea of a cottage, which calls family and friends to unite, conjures sentimental images of sun-filled days, starlit nights, bird-song serenades and mouth-watering scents from the hot grill. These touching scenarios, imagined or remembered, during an open-house visit to a chalet will design a potential buyer’s expectations and impact a valuable first impression.

As the cottage is typically a Canadian’s second lodging, most cottage buyers are at the point in their lives where they know what they want, and how much they can spend. 80% of buyers are convinced or dissuaded within the first 60 seconds of crossing the threshold.  

The appropriate staging of any lodging may be the most profitable investment of time and effort a seller can make. The potential buyer of a vacation property, whether in a waterfront, mountain or forest setting, longs to be awed into a decision of lifestyle improvement.  Staging to highlight the property’s best features will likely prompt a more generous offer from the buyer.

The keywords to staging are:  clean, repair, declutter from the outside in.

Tidy the entrance way and surrounding yard of your vacation home to entice the visitor’s wandering eye. The lawn is mowed and the gardens are pretty. If your cabin is in the mountains, make sure the stairway descent to water is sturdy and free of debris.  Illuminate the front of your country cabin with solar lights, as in Canada, autumn and winter nightfall comes early. Keep your porch light on to welcome evening visits and drive-by contenders.  

Your garden shed should be organized and cobweb-free; its tools are well-maintained.  A fresh coat of paint to the shed and cottage front door adds flair and speaks of proper maintenance. Bright colors pop and invite.

Entice your buyer’s vacation home fantasy about lazy days by hanging a hammock in the shade of the trees by the mountain lake, or by posing a small coffee table with a vase of fresh flowers between two chairs on the deck.   

Impeccable kitchen and bathroom counters and appliances are an absolute must.  All surfaces, including windows, should be squeaky clean. Declutter counter tops of all appliances and personal objects.  Clean, clear surfaces imply spaciousness, an item on the buyer’s wish list you’ll want checked.

Rid your cupboards and closets of any unnecessary items.  Like it or not, your open-house visitors will snoop and the freshly cleaned exposed space will register as available storage.

Wash all floors and throw down clean accent rugs to hide imperfections in flooring. Citrus oils are wonderful for enhancing the beauty of wood floors and old furniture.  Their lingering scent will only add to the country home appeal.

Decorate your tables with fresh flowers in the summer.  Have the fire warming the hearth in the winter.  Before you know it, your buyer will have found in your cottage as his very own dream come true!

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